• Education: Science & chemistry
  • Origin: Pakistan
  • Currently: Indonesia
  • Urdu Persien Etymologist, Mindfulness coach
  • Cofounder Mindfulness mediation revulation


Resigned as Business Development head from Maksons International, Majeed has implemented strategic plans for company in the Pakistan Asia and gulf. He becomes youngest province minster and Serve his young years of life for humanity with Youth Parliament of Pakistan and makes successful stories on humanity.

Today, he is a Life Coach and cofounder of the Mindfulness Meditation Revaluation. His mission is to deliver Happiness through Coaching and training Programs.

Majeed experienced as backend analyzer transformation and meditation training for specified clients at Beninglara. He loves to play with Strategic games, Gardens, animals, and machines

Majeed received his BSc in 2005. He is a certified Skill builder Trainee by Agha Khan Medical and psychology center Pakistan, and holding 11 more certificates and 4 rewards in his early age by Business, Banking, Telecommunication, and IT organizations,

Specialties: Etymologist, Mindfulness Coaching, Business development advisor, Circular Breathing, Standing Meditation, Healer, Work and Meditation.